1. Calibro 35 vs Rage Against The Machine - Killing the Bandits (Scapo unofficial mashup)
    calibro 35, rage against the machine, scapo

  2. Janis Joplin vs Jess Glynne - Hold my Mercedes (Scapo mashup)
    Janis Joplin, Jess Glynne, Scapo

  3. Alissia - On the Go (Scapo re-edit)
    Alissia, Scapo

  4. Back to Reality / Dystopian Funk

  5. White Stripes & Chemical Bros - Do It Again Hardest (Scapo mashup)
    chemical brothers, white stripes, scapo

  6. Nine Inch Nails feat. Beastie Boys - Closer (Scapo re-edit)
    Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, Scapo

  7. 16 Beats

  8. Moroder Vs Will.i.am & Britney Spears "SCREAM & DRIVE" (Scapo mashup)
    will.i.am, britney spears, giorgio moroder, scapo

  9. the Doors vs Kasabian "Roadhouse Runner" (Scapo mashup)
    doors, kasabian, scapo

  10. Massive Attack & Lorde "Royals Teardrop" (SCAPO mashup)
    massive attack, lorde, scapo

  11. Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" SCAPO REMIX
    dropkick murphys, scapo

  12. LNRipley - Trap (Scapo remix)

  13. The Young Punx "Harlem & Kowloon" (Scapo mashup & remix)
    young punx, scapo

  14. Excel Saga Theme (Scapo re-edit)

  15. Djangol / Unchained Beats

  16. Loopers - Come On (Scapo remix)

  17. Reset! - I Need You (Scapo remix)
    reset!, scapo

  18. Disco Splatters "Phunkstein" (Scapo remix)

  19. Fast Animals & Slow Kids "Calce" (Scapo remix)
    fast animals & slow kids, scapo

  20. Necro - Deathfunk (Scapo remix)

  21. Cris - Crackers (Scapo remix)

  22. Guns n' Roses "Sweet Child of the Jungle" (Scapo re-loaded)
    guns n' roses, scapo

  23. DD Family Remixes
    Thank You For The Drum Machine, Scapo

  24. Altereds Beats & The Analogeeks "The Hardknockers" (Scapo Ravey Remix)

  25. The Analogeeks - Motherfunker (Scapo remake)

  26. Gustavo Brito - Unstoppable (Scapo remix)
    Gustavo Brito, Scapo

  27. A Dominant Species-Musical Bliss Kiss (Scapo remake)
    A Dominat Species, Scapo

  28. Angel Ten

  29. Chemtrails Above (Scapo VIP mix)

  30. Useless Wooden Toys - Bomba (Scapo remix)
    Uwt, Scapo

  31. Dhd - scene (scapo remake)
    Dhd, Scapo

  32. Digitalism - Taken Away (Scapo remix)
    digitalism, scapo

  33. Evil Nine - For Lovers not Fighters (Scapo remix)
    evil nine, scapo

  34. Frost - 220 Voltz
    Frost Dj Sexx, Scapo

  35. Lady Crystal Ouverture

  36. No More Lies

  37. Pink a Pad's - Few Minutes (Scapo remake)
    pink a pad's, scapo

  38. Schizofrenia

  39. Steven Smirney - Glue (Scapo remix)
    Steven Smirney, Scapo

  40. Lady Packa - Elektronik Pipe (Scapo Remake)
    Lady packa, Scapo

  41. Walkabouting


Scapo Perugia, Italy

Scapo, italian producer and dj hailing from the town of Perugia, probably the one who established the Cyberfunk music style.
Has launched his brand new record label "Dirty Drop" in 2007 to host his releases.
He also released remixes for Karmaloft, Vim recs, No Sense of Place, Bloc Beatz, Ear Time, Nomad & Pocket Panther recs.
Scapo's also mastering engineer @ Dirty Drop Studio.
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